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Why Brands And Bloggers Need To Niche Down (And How To Do It)


May 3, 2020

“The riches are in the niches,” I once heard on an episode of Marie TV. I can’t recall who exactly said it, but that phrase has stuck with me for years.

As a PR practitioner, I’m used to narrowing down my target audiences and developing different key messages for each of them. But, after being assigned to teach a digital marketing class a few years ago when I was a full-time professor after having never taught the subject before, I jumped into learning all I could about the world of online marketing. Let’s just say, it was eye-opening.

Why Choosing a Niche Will Actually Attract MORE of Who You Want

I know the feeling: you’re afraid that if you narrow down your audience TOO much, you will be missing potential customers or readers.

But here’s the thing: by narrowing your audience, you’re prioritizing who you want to hear and see your message; you’re getting right to the people you need to connect with versus wading through a crowd.

Here’s an example: The Comms Mom’s audience is primarily made up of moms working in communications-related positions such as marketing, PR, blogging, branding, advertising, etc. The #CommsMoms in our community are also interested in well-being and travel, the two topics I write about, in addition to career and professional development (both related to working in communications).

That’s not to say that moms who don’t work in communications or who aren’t interested in traveling wouldn’t like my content or that people who are mom’s wouldn’t read what I have to say; it’s just they are less likely to connect and engage with all of it.

From a blogging perspective, it’s MUCH easier for me to write about topics I am interested in and know a lot about (communications resources, traveling and well-being) than not, so it makes sense that this is my primary audience.

Resources to Help You Niche Down

That being said, if you’re creating a marketing campaign or a blog series for a company that’s not yours, how do you figure out exactly who to target? Well, you’re in luck, because I have two free resources for you.

The first is this downloadable Ideal Customer Avatar Worksheet. Keep in mind that this is not comprehensive (I’ve seen some with up to 50 different prompts!), but it’s easy to do, quick to complete and you’ll be able to judge from there if you need to niche down more.

Marketer Mistake: Not All Moms Are The Same

The second free resource for you is the Mother’s Day podcast episode I recorded with Summer Johnson of PR Nation specifically about targeting the “mom” demographic in a not so broad way. We chat about the importance of niches when talking about moms because let’s face it, moms are not all the same and we certainly don’t have the same interests.

The Riches Are in The Niches

Keep in mind that when I say, “The riches are in the niches,” I don’t necessarily mean that your focus MUST be on money-making opportunities.

Think of it this way: do you pour hours of work and maybe even research into your blog posts and/or social media accounts each week only to find that no one is reading your posts, you’re not gaining social media followers or no one is subscribing to your e-newsletter? I, too, love writing…but at the same time, I want to help people and create an awesome environment of #CommsMom. If my content and resources aren’t getting to them, then I’m essentially just wasting my time.

So, that being said, take a listen to our podcast conversation and download your free Ideal Customer Avatar Worksheet. Figuring out who you SHOULD be targeting may cause you to rethink the content you’re putting out and you may not necessarily agree with the findings. But, take a hard honest look at the goals of your business and if you are not meeting them, something has to change…and that something may be your audience or what you provide to your current followers.

Your Thoughts

I’d love to hear your thoughts on targeting a niche audience. Have you had success in this area? If so, please share your story below in the comments.

If this is still an area you struggle with, let us know…perhaps, our community can help!

  1. Brenda says:

    Hi it’s Brenda from When I started I thought I might be too niched but so far it’s working to my favor. So far I have 3 highly niched blogs: 1. is for Christians with PTSD. 2. is about jewelry for wahms 3. is about adrenal health Both #1 & #2 are doing well and #3 is just being launched. I hope your blog helps others understand this importance.

    • Amanda, The Comms Mom says:

      Hi Brenda, and thanks for stopping by! Congratulations on your success and I think the idea of having separate, niche blogs is perfect. In fact, my husband and I have such a love for travel, we’ve started a new travel blog as well so that I don’t flood this site with too many travel stories.

  2. You’re absolutely right. I ran an online business for many years, providing services to a very small niche and it makes it so much easier to market properly and attract the right people.

  3. Nupur Gupta says:

    Completely agree! When I started out I was confused as to what I can niche down to. But now as the months have passed I have felt that I am going in the college blogging direction and it’s going great!

  4. Sophie says:

    This is such a helpful article! I think we often try to do everything and it ends up distracting us en overwhelming us. We try to be a Jack of all trades and end up a master of none. It was definitely one of my pitfalls when I started blogging, because I didn’t want to limit myself, but limiting myself turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

  5. vidhi dhami says:

    Sir, give more in-depth information on this “CommsMom” topic in the next blog. I am very interested to know this.

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