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November 27, 2020

If your town is anything like mine, you know just how hard the pandemic has hit small businesses. I’ve been trying my best to support local shops, restaurants and small business owners as much as possible; in fact, I was featured in this Thrive Global article back in April on how people are supporting their communities during the pandemic. So, for Christmas (and the slew of birthdays I have to buy for coming up), I give you my top picks.

Buy a Gift to Support Your Community

We moved to the small town we live in because we were ALWAYS visiting its cute, Hallmark movie-worthy Main Street. The shops, the restaurants, the amazing customer service–it’s literally perfect. And we want to support these owners as much as possible…especially during the pandemic.

So, even if we can’t eat in the area restaurants, we can get gift cards for ourselves or for others. We can order online or call up a local shop and ask for gift recommendations, swing by and then pick up our purchases.

And, it doesn’t even have to be a brick-and-mortar place you support. Is there a local mom who has her own business? I just purchased some bath bombs, room sprays and scented rice heating packs (that make for great gift basket goodies) from a friend’s wife. Last night, I saw a man in our local Facebook group who was selling gorgeous cutting boards he just started making (paired with gourmet cheese, meat, crackers and wine for a charcuterie board gift). Supporting those around you only makes your community tighter.

The Gift For The Girl Who Has Everything

Do you have a friend who is impossible to shop for? You know, she either already has everything or doesn’t want anything else? Well, here’s the perfect gift.

A couple of months ago, I was fortunate to try out the Succulents Box gift set…and I fell in love! I absolutely adore succulents, mostly because I kill every other plant possible. Let me just tell you, these things last!

The succulents come packaged very well, in bubble wrap with moistened towelettes. The box also includes adorable stickers and little cards that describe the types of succulents you received.

Succulents Box offers a wide variety of gifts including a subscription service (how fun would that be to receive each month?!). There are gifts for everyone:

  • The hard-to-buy-for person (such as a co-worker or your partner’s parents)
  • The friend who’s into all things wellness
  • The plant wizard with a magical green thumb
  • The newbie plant parent who’s still getting the hang of things
  • The person who’s spending more time at home (who isn’t?!) and wants to add some life to their decor

Even better, Succulents Box is running a lot of great specials for the holidays:

  • Black Friday: 20% off all orders, plus a free gift with a 12-month subscription (choose between a canvas tote bag, a tumbler or a pot for your new plant babies)
  • Cyber Monday: 22% off all orders plus a free gift with a 12-month subscription
  • Giving Tuesday (Dec 1): 5% of all orders on the website (on Dec. 1st) will go to Habitat for Humanity.

Click here to shop.

Gifts For Your Travel-Loving Friend

Let’s face it: those of us who are travelers have really been struggling this year. Some days, I sift through all of the great travel specials thinking, “Why not book something for spring? It’s refundable!” whereas other days, I think, “I don’t want to even think about traveling because I feel like it’s such a huge unknown.”

That being said, when Waypoint Goods’s innovative travel scarf showed up at my door, I squealed. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also incredibly useful…and not just for travel. I really hate carrying a purse a lot of times, but holding my wallet isn’t the most practical. Check out what this scarf can do:

I also have Waypoint’s Paris candle. Oh. My. Goodness. It smells heavenly and the top is actually a wooden coaster and it comes with a small Parisian fact card.

For the week of Black Friday, Waypoint’s items are 30% off! Check out this cute gift set the Waypoint team put together:

And, since I’m writing this on American Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for YOU, I’m giving away an Iris travel scarf from Waypoint Goods. Simply enter here and I’ll announce the winner on December 6th!

Keeping it Short

This list isn’t exhaustive; it’s just to get you thinking about unique gifts that are not only fun to give, but that support small businesses.

If you have a small business, please feel free to post your link in the comments below with a line or two about what you do, sell or make!

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