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Top 5 Gifts for Moms Into Fitness


November 24, 2021

I’ll admit it: my fitness waned a bit during the pandemic. Okay, a lot. At home, 24/7, trying to run my business while simultaneously helping my two daughters with virtual classes, drained both my physical and mental health.

A former college athlete, I used to always make fitness a priority. Heck, I was FINALLY able to get my second child to budge almost a week after her due date while doing some pre-natal exercises. But, the stress eating during the pandemic and my own discomfort with being in a gym or workout studio got the best of me.

Thankfully, once the kids were back in school full-time and we had a set routine again, I got back into it, slowly, but surely. So, I thought I’d share some of my favorite gear for those of you looking for the perfect gift for a fitness-minded mom (or for yourself!).

Cubii Jr. 2 Elliptical

I’ve always wondered if these “under desk”-style ellipticals really worked. A couple of years ago, I tried out a mini-stepper and wasn’t too impressed. But when the Cubii team approached me about trying out the Cubii Jr. 2 elliptical, I was more than willing to check it out.

Why? Well, I love ellipticals. After four knee surgeries, there’s only so much impact my body can take. And, honestly, being an entrepreneur who saw success skyrocket (thankfully!), it meant I was spending the equivalent of 50-60 hours sitting at my desk…exercise went to the wayside.

How did the Cubii fare? Let’s just say, I can’t live without this amazing piece of equipment. It fits perfectly and comfortably under my desk, and not only does it get my heart rate up (hello, sweaty hands), but my legs tingle after being on it for an hour. Plus, it is super silent, meaning I’m often on calls and no one knows I’m exercising. And, perhaps the best part is that it has completely kickstarted my renewed interest in taking better care of myself. It’s a win-win.

Cubii Jr. elliptical

Check out all of Cubii’s options here. As of this writing, the model I tested is on sale for Black Friday.


POPFLEX Vegan Suede Yoga Mats

I’ll admit it: I’m pretty frugal. I faithfully toted my $20 yoga mat around for years. But as a huge fan of Blogilates, I fell in love with its POPFLEX line’s gorgeous patterns and the promise that my sweaty hands would no longer slip off my mat. So, did it work?

Let’s just say, I now have two: one upstairs for my peaceful Zoom yoga class or Yoga With Adrienne session and one downstairs for when I want to do a quick Blogilates video while my family is hanging out after dinner. They are soft, yet firm; beautiful to stare at in downward dog; and have a great little slip-on carrying strap.

I have the top two mats as shown in this photo from Cassey Ho, founder of Blogilates.

See the latest line-up here
and be sure to check back frequently as the patterns are always changing. And, just a note: I saw some Blogilates mats at Target, so if you don’t want to invest in a POPFLEX mat, check these out.


Batiste Dry Shampoo (in Beautiful Brunette for me)

I’ve long been a fan of dry shampoo because I typically work out in the morning. So when a fellow brunette introduced me to a dry shampoo that didn’t leave a trace in my hair, I was game. Introducing Batiste Dary Shampoo in Beautiful Brunette!

dry shampoo

Here’s my pro tip no matter which kind or color of dry shampoo you use: if you work out early in the morning, spray some in your hair before you go to bed. It absorbs well and helps your hair from getting overly greasy in the morning.

Get your own bottle pretty much anywhere from pharmacies to grocery stores to beauty supply chains to mainstream retailers.


Blogilates 12-Week Fitness Journal Set

Yes, here’s my love for Blogilates again. I came across this set strolling through Target and loved the look of it (and I’m a planner addict), so I picked it up. This would be a great gift for a fitness-minded mama if she likes to track her progress.

fitness journal set

Purchase the set here.


Xersion Studio Light Support Strappy Back Sports Bra

Shout out to a childhood favorite: JCPenney and the store’s Xersion fitness line. As mentioned previously, I don’t do hardcore cardio, so you may want to look into the line’s medium and high impact sports bras, but these Studio Light Support Strappy Back bras have been my go-to for YEARS. I have them in every color, they wash incredibly well, the straps don’t dig in and well, they are just so stinking cute.

strappy sports bra

Perhaps the best part? They’re almost always on sale (as of this writing, they’re only $9.99 for Black Friday!!!!). Head to your local JCPenney or shop online here.


What’s on your wish list this year? Leave me a comment below (because I may want to add it to mine!).


P.S. – These are not affiliate links and I do not earn commission from them. I was given the Cubii Jr. 2 to try out in exchange for my honest opinion.

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