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Top 5 Family Games That Make Great Holiday Gifts


December 11, 2021

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know my family LOVES games. So much to the point that last year, we were featured in a TODAY Show piece about the comeback of board games!

We play a game almost every night and recently scored when we found a hidden gem of a game store in Frankenmuth, Michigan called The Stadium. We loaded up on new games and, for all of you, we’ve narrowed down our top 5 family games that make great holiday gifts.

Our top family game picks

Our top 5 family games

Keep in mind that we love traditional board games; however, these games were selected not just because of their fun factor, but also because they are very easy to travel with, making them perfect for holiday gatherings. Also note that although these games are supposedly for ages seven and up, my six-year-old plays all of them just as well as the rest of us.

Llama Drama

  • 2-4 players
  • Ages 7+

My in-laws picked up Llama Drama for our girls and it’s pretty simple to pick up (even for my six-year-old). The goal is to get rid of your cards the first but drama caused by llamas gets in the way.

The bonus is that Llama Drama is currently $5 on Amazon.



  • 2-5 players
  • Ages 7+

Even though they’ve never had boba/bubble tea, my girls love this game.

Playing Sabobatage

My girls love playing Sabobatage!

In Sabobatage, you’re a boba shop owner, and your goal is to be the best shop in town by making five sets of tea using various combinations. But, it’s not all smooth sailing: the health inspector could drop by or perhaps your point-of-sale system goes down. And then there’s the dreaded Sabotage card which allows a player to get rid of five ingredients from around the table.

And why do I love the makers of this company even more? From now through December 26th, they’re donating one game for every purchase to an incredibly diverse roster of organizations. Get yours here.


Pass the Pigs Pig Party

  • 2-4 players
  • Ages 7+

My hubby and I have been playing Pass the Pigs since we started dating more than a decade ago. It was one of the first games we were able to play as a family because it’s as easy as rolling dice. We even have a huge Pass the Pigs lawn game for summer fun!

But, when we stumbled on the Pass the Pigs Pig Party at The Stadium, we snapped it up. Each of the four players gets their own set of pigs and when the card flips, you take turns trying to get the combo on the card. If you get it on your first turn, you get a bonus roll for extra points.


Playing Pass the Pigs

Playing Pass the Pigs Party edition.

The only thing we’d add is more cards (both combo cards and bonus point cards), so I think I will just make extras, print them out and laminate them. But, what is awesome is the included pouch where you can fit all of the pigs and cards, making it great for travel and storing.



  • 2-4 players
  • Ages 8+

Like Yahtzee? You’ll love Tenzi.

Basically, everyone gets a set of dice and when someone says, “Go!” you all roll your dice, trying to get all of your dice on the same number. Whoever gets all of their dice on the same number yells, “Tenzi” and they’re declared the winner.

There are also other game combinations you can play with the Tenzi dice (check them out here). We love this game, but be warned: it’s not for a household that wants to remain quiet! Note: we bought the party pack which can accommodate up to seven players.



  • 2-4 players
  • Ages 6+

This should come as no surprise, but Buildzi is made by the creators of Tenzi, and what struck us first was the cool packaging. Everything fits perfectly in a neat little box!

The concept of the game is easy: flip a card over and be the first to build a structure up, as shown on your card. Think Tetris or Dr. Mario in a physical family game form. Although it’s challenging, it sure is fun–our girls’ little hands can move quickly!


So, these are our top five family game picks. All of these games would make great gifts or stocking stuffers and, honestly, they’re all perfect to throw into a travel bag or suitcase for fun on the road.

Leave me a comment below with suggestions for games that we should check out next.

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