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Thinking About Christmas Gifts?


October 11, 2022

Yes, I went there. I’m usually a very efficient November shopper, but with an upcoming hectic fall work schedule, plus my kids now in multiple activities, I’m getting a jumpstart. Here are a few of my pics so far:

Cubii Total Body+ Elliptical

I currently use a Cubii JR2 under my home office desk on a daily basis. It’s honestly one of the BEST stress relievers I’ve ever had, particularly during long meetings or trainings.

I had the opportunity to try the next generation of Cubii this summer and LOVE it: the Cubii JR2+ is essentially the same machine, but with handles for upper body strength training. It also has Bluetooth so you can track your workouts via an app.

I loved this so much, I got one for my mom. She has a nice, enclosed patio overlooking a golf course and she sits out there, pedaling away while reading a book or relaxing in the breeze. What a quick and easy way to get a workout in! I like the strength training component, as well, and work with her on that because, as we know, it’s important to protect those muscles as we age.

It’s also easy for her to move around with the handle on the back of the machine as shown in the picture above.

Get your Cubii here.

Solgaard Luggage

I’ve written about this luggage before and I’m telling you: if you frequently travel, run, don’t walk to get yourself one suitcase or a set.

I traveled A LOT in 2022: for work and for pleasure. At one point in late April/early May, I was only home for a couple of days at a time.

I initially purchased a Solgaard Carry-On Closet Medium in Granada Green after American Airlines refused to take my previously okay carry-on suitcase on the plane (I was one of the first on the plane and under the size limit – so frustrating!). I purchased the medium size because I also travel quite a bit to Europe and this one is accepted by all international carriers including budget European airlines.

Although it took a while to learn to not overpack, when I travel for work now, it is rarely close to being full.

Then, for Christmas, my hubby bought me the Check-In Closet that matches. It is a BEAST, and a must-have for traveling to Europe or anywhere that might be tight/limited closet space. Essentially, you pack everything into the “closet,” pull the strings tight and pack it into your suitcase. When you arrive at your destination, you either take the “closet” out and hang it right into your hotel room’s closet or, if you don’t have a closet, you open up your suitcase to an L shape, pull up the handle and hang the closet from there.

I am a bit bummed, though, because Solgaard comes out with limited edition colors all the time. I’m gaga over this black and rose gold combo, but we don’t need any more suitcases right now. Sigh.

Check out the selection here.

Keenray Towel Warmer

Full disclosure: I just ordered this and haven’t used it yet. BUT, I’ve been eyeballing it for more than a year (thanks, Prime Day!).

I am almost always cold, and one of my daughters is forever freezing when she gets out of the tub or shower, so I thought this little splurge would be well used while giving a little sophistication to our bathroom that is in need of a remodel (that won’t happen for years).

This baby will heat up a towel as quickly as one minute if you need it and can fit two oversized towels at a time.

I promise to come back and update this review if it’s not a great product! Check it out here.

I’ll be doing more of these posts, so come back to the blog and check them out. Any other products I should check out? Leave a comment below.

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