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I've pretty much done it all in my career: had great successes, earned promotions and raises, landed coveted jobs, quit jobs, got laid off, started companies, been name it, I've probably been through it.

And now, I'm taking that experience, combining it with a Doctor of Education focused on culture and engagement, and offering, by request, one-on-one coaching sessions to help other #CommsMoms take control of their lives, careers and futures.

Your time is now.

Are you aching for a breakthrougH...
a change to your everyday life?

more time for your family, friends and other passions yet don't want to give up your career?

do you want...

know you were made for more, but you don't exactly know WHAT that is?

DO you...

overworked, exhausted and done with hustling all of the time?


who is this for?

— d.t.

"Amanda's expertise and professionalism ARE exceptional."

step three

During our last two sessions, we will work through the career map I've created for you to ensure we have measurable objectives and goals in an order and timeline that is doable.

We'll also craft your personal brand statement and you'll receive feedback on your resume, cover letter and/or website. 

We'll wrap up our sessions with a formal report, career map and recommendations.


step two

In this phase, I will be analyzing your resume, cover letters and/or website, along with your answers to the initial questionnaire and worksheets and my notes from our first call.

I will map out next steps in your process, while providing resources to help you with your current work and life situations, which we will review during our second call. 

research + analysis

step one

During our initial call, we'll discuss your career past and present, career goals and current life situation.

We'll also review assignments for the upcoming weeks and walk through self-reflection exercises designed to engage your true self.

inItial call

How it works:

i'm ready for this

A personalized brand statement, a revised resume, an updated cover letter, mapped out career options and paths based on your goals and current situation, as well as recommendations for self-care and professional development.

you'll leave with:

Payment plans are available


Document and/or website review

4, 30-minute Google Meet sessions to discuss your career past, current situation and future goals

Analysis of past success, strengths and weaknesses and potential career matches and paths

Personal and professional growth worksheets, one-on-one guidance and on-going support


signature COACHing PACKAGE

— W.H.

"Amanda has an incredibly lively and contagious positive attitude that makes the impossible not only achievable, but enjoyable too."

— D.D.

"Dr. Holdsworth has served as a mentor to me in my career pursuits and was an invaluable source of ideas and feedback at several points in my career. She truly believes in the people she works with and has a desire to see them be successful wherever their journeys take them."

— L.J.

"Amanda is such a joy to work with. She has the ability to bring a calmness to a space and that is truly a gift."


5 stars all around


No strings attached to inquire.

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