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Honing in on your niche audience will bring you more traffic, more engagement and more sales, and it will also help you write faster and easier. Learn how.

Marketers and bloggers need to figure out which mom niche will be their target audience. Not all moms are the same.


Why Brands And Bloggers Need To Niche Down (And How To Do It)

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Catherine and I e-met through my Comms Mom Facebook page and I found her background very similar to mine despite the fact that she lives in Spain. Read on to learn more about this dynamic #CommsMom. NAME: Catherine Gaa AGE: 34 JOB TITLE: Admissions Communications Coordinator YEARS WORKING IN COMMUNICATIONS: 10+ CHILDREN: Enrique (3) and […]


April 2020 #CommsMom: Catherine Gaa

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FUN FACT: Mary Ann was my boss way back in 2004 and considering she is one of the most talented PR and marketing pros out there, I had to feature her as our first ever #CommsMom of the Month! Read on to learn more about this dynamic woman. NAME: Mary Ann Burns AGE: 50ish JOB TITLE: […]


March 2020 #CommsMom: Mary Ann Burns

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